Kobe Bryant Jumps Over an Aston Martin!

. Apr 14, 2008

Man this commercial has got people buzzin' all around the league and sports world,not to mention it is also good marketing for his new shoe the Nike Hyperdunks (that actually look aight- check the pic). These commercials remind me of those Powerade commercials back in the day that showed athletes doing freakish feats like Lebron shooting full court shots with ease and Vick throwing a footblal out of a stadium. It also keeps away from those serious Kobe commercials and shows him just chillin and joking around with Turiaf as he says "What about the playoffs" and Bryant says, "“I got it! I got it! I got this! Do you trust your boy?” LOL Man...Bryant can jump outta gym!
KB24 for MVP!

If you look at the jump slowed down, it looks like the car is off to the side. Look at the shadows.

Is it real? or fake?