Got Trouble Waking Up?

. Apr 21, 2008

Ok, I know all of you have had those days where you sleep through the alarm or just turn it off in your sleep. Finally, here is a couple of alarm clocks for all of you deep sleepers....

The Puzzle Clock - When this alarm goes off the four puzzle pieces spring up and the alarm will not sound off until you put all of the pieces in place. By the time you do that you are up and you got no excuses except laziness.
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The Flying Clock - Check this, so your alarm clock goes off at 8 am and at the same time it shoots out this propeller that will fly around in your room. The alarm will not turn off until you put the propeller back in its place.
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Now STOP missing class, work, dentist/doc. appointments, dates, etc...

Carpe Diem sukkas