Dedication to all my fellow Bloggers

. Apr 26, 2008

[Disclaimer: What follows is an American perspective, yet no matter the country, the right to expression should be present everywhere!]

The power of blogging, the ability to communicate without limitations how we feel, think, and believe, is a right not provided by the government, but a right inherent in all of us, a right that cannot be taken away. Were the Bill of Rights (or the equivalent in other countries) non-existent, those rights remain in place, no matter what. The fundamental right of expression is probably, in my opinion, the bedrock to any other right - to associate/assemble, to bear arms, to petition the government, just to name a few. Yes, the government can regulate the Internet, but the fundamental right to express oneself is usually a given (of course, there are exceptions to everything). I don't mean to ramble about this, but a couple of days ago, I read the inspirational story about James Karl Buck, whose one-word blog literally helped to save his life. Read the story here: to keep it short, he was detained in Egypt and updated his blog with the word "arrested," which sent a shockwave through the Twitter blogger community until finally he was released from prison.

So, to all my fellow bloggers, keep fightin' the good fight and do your thing!! In the end, it does not matter what you write about or what your agenda is; what matters is that you exercise your right and emphasize what you believe in and not allow others to whittle away your volition!