What is in the water in Houston and Denver?

. Mar 17, 2008

The NBA this season has definitely been entertaining thus far as we have seen several all stars traded away with Kidd in Dallas, Gasol in L.A., Shaq in Phoenix, and of course Garnett and Allen in Boston. Right now, the playoff chase in the west is paper thin with the 1st and 8th seed separated by only 4 1/2 games compared to the 24 1/2 game gap in the East. Yesterday was yet another amazing day in the NBA as the Houston Rockets kept their 22 game winning streak alive beating the Lakers (without Gasol) and the Denver Nuggets beat out the Seattle Supersonics by 52 points scoring 168!! Be sure to watch the next Houston game against Boston tomorrow night at 9:30 pm on TNT which is sure to be a classic game!