Mekka Don

. Mar 17, 2008

So I came across this story while on okayplayer: An individual by the name of Mekka Don, a graduate of NYU Law School (top 10) and former football player at Ohio State, decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper and forgo continuing his job at a NY top-10 law firm and, along with it, the six-figure salary. To promote himself and his music, he's decided to run an Internet reality show, which follows him on his rise to musical glory. What's interesting is that, along the way, he continues to use his legal skills in order to make money and to build his network.

For more information, check out his myspace page and also the video trailer for his reality show (below). Episode One's already out, as well, and he plans to release a new episode every Monday.

Trailer for the Mekka Don Reality Show: