The Drought is Over 5...

. Mar 24, 2008

Lil' Wayne is finally saying goodbye to "The Drought is Over" mixtape series, with the release of "The Drought is Over 5: Grand Closing". This mixtape should be dropping soon and hopefully it will be followed by the long anticipated Carter 3.

Track Listing

1. Carter III Is Coming (Grand Closing)
2. I
3. Walk It Off
4. Open Shop
5. Done It
6. Introducing Milli
7. Milli
8. Damn I'm Cold (w/ Bun B)
9. I'm A Dog Ya (Freestyle)
10. Stunt When I See You
11. We Hustle
12. I Got My
13. Lick The Rapper
14. Certified
15. Girls All Around
16. Single Again
17. Drought Is Finally Over
18. Too Clean (w/ Lil' Chuckie) (Bonus Track)
19. Nike Boots (w/ Wale) (Official Remix) (Bonus Track)

For those of you who missed the earlier "The Drought is Over" mixtapes, you can find them here