Pacquaio Pounds Hatton

. May 3, 2009

We're huge sports fans here at iLLVibes, save for one person (we won't name names), so we were excited for tonight: first, there was Game 7 of the best series in the NBA playoffs - Bulls v. Celtics; second, there was the highly-hyped fight between Manny Pacquaio, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, and Ricky Hatton, who had lost only once in his career and never at 140 pounds.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, the Celtics came on top, as they dominated the entire game and stayed consistent in their victory over the Bulls. The fight, however, in my opinion, was over from the start, as Manny proceeded to dominate in the punch count, blinding Hatton with vicious combos and especially a strong left hook. Just watch the first round, as Manny pummeled Hatton to the ground twice!

You knew that Hatton couldn't keep up with the barrage of assaults on his face. The only question was, how long was he going to last? I truly thought that Manny was going to win in 11, and I - as well as everyone else - did not expect the victory to come so quickly for Manny. I was disappointed, not so much in Manny because he truly deserves all the congratulations in the world, but in Ricky Hatton, who did not live up the hype. The media is somewhat to blame in the over-hyped fight, which garnered $12 million to Manny and $8 to Ricky, but he had trained for 12 weeks straight. Yet, despite such a rigorous training, he had nothing for Manny. Even washed-up Oscar de la Hoya lasted a lot longer than Ricky. Props to Manny for such a great victory, but seriously that was a sad fight, in my opinion. This is how the fight ended for Hatton: without knowledge of anything.