Gowhere Hip Hop Interview: Chamillionaire

. Dec 1, 2008

So Gowhere recently hit us up about their interview with Chamillionaire... that's right, the Mixtape Messiah! It's a really interesting read, as he goes into details about his upcoming projects (his new mixtape and new album), some interesting stories, and his thoughts on Barack Obama. Definitely check out the interview and leave your comments!

Here are a few snippets of what he had to say:

"I plan to actually drop another Mixtape Messiah before Venom even drops."

"I have an unreleased Pimp C song on my album. He actually produced it too. That is really jammin'. And I have a song with Good Charlotte, which.. will be pretty big, pretty big. Everyone who's heard that has been like, "Yeah! It's one of those records!" [chuckles]."

"I'm at the plate and I gotta hit a home run. I know it. So I'm tellin' my fans they better get up and support this 'cause I'm givin' them the music that they want. And if it doesn't work out man, I can't say that I'ma keep on battin' at it."

"And that's not sayin' that to diss him [Lupe Fiasco]. I like him. I'm a fan of his music. I think he's a very smart and intelligent guy."

"Honestly, when I watched his [Barack Obama] speech, I was standin' up the whole time watchin' it. I felt it was one of my proudest moments. I felt better when I was watchin' that then when I did when I won my Grammy! I needed that, you know?"

- Chamillionaire